-Shirt Happens 101 : Increase Your Shirt Happens High-Q

Shirt Happens 101 : Increase Your Shirt Happens High-Q

Shirt Happens 101

Shirt Happens is an original animated universe that chronicles the adventures of anthropomorphic shirts and other clothing as they compete for money, power and influence in an enormous social project built to be a metropolitan shopping paradise – the International Mall City of America (IMCA).

The mall is governed by the Suits, a shadowy group of wealthy individuals who conspire to make the IMCA an unlimited source of income for themselves. The Suits are the primary antagonists in Shirt Happens, but they have a hand in causing many of the IMCA’s other predators to emerge as well.

The Suits are rivaled by two shirts who have secretly invested money from their UberBall PowerStakes lottery win to become major shareholders in the IMCA. Cen and Money entertain themselves by throwing as many obstacles in the Suits’ way as possible and keep an eye on their shady underground activities. With the help of the their genius-for-hire accomplice Dr. Cosmo these two shirts help keep balance in the IMCA by stopping the Suits from draining all of the money and creating the largest slum on Earth.

There are no official boundaries to the IMCA because it is a self-contained city and is constantly expanding. New stores, people and creatures make their way into the mall and fuse themselves into its landscape. There are events year round and the worst of the worst celebrities come to the mall to boost their own egos and flaunt their “talents.” With dynamic political, economic and social systems evolving from the moment the doors are opened the IMCA is an interesting place and a potential goldmine for most of its clothy inhabitants. Alliances will form. Enemy factions will go to war. Invaders will stake their claims and tons of ganja WILL be choomed! Tune in to see what Shirt is about to Happen next!!!

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