-Shirt Happens Free Character Widgets

Bring Your Favorite Characters Everywhere You Go With Shirt Happens Character Widgets for DROID

Shirt Happens Widgets by CENAPSE
Copyright Shirt Happens Studio 2012

Instructions for install:

1. Before downloading the file, go to Settings –> Applications –> and enable the option to install non-market applications (the widgets available here for free exclusively). You can change this back
and the widgets will work fine. If you don’t already have an app that can unzip .zip and .rar type files, download
AndroZip for free.

2. Download the .rar file onto your phone and open it. If you cannot open it automatically use AndroZip to find the folder you downloaded it into. Click on
the .apk file and it should automatically ask to install the app. Return to your “desktop” or “homescreen” (the place where you want your widget to show up).

3. Make room for your awesome Shirt Happens widget and press your meaty thumb into the blank space you wish to fill. Click on “widgets” in the pop-up
menu and then scroll down to Shirt Happens ( the list is alphabetical ) where all of the characters will be. Summon the widget unto your desktop and
surround it with whatever icons you think are the most hilarious. Mix and match with multiple widgets to really make a statement!

4.20 Combine this effect with a Shirt Happens themed background or with fan art from the F-art section of the website for maximum effect.

Now the only thing left to do is get more widgets! The character count is limited now, but if there are more characters you want to see available for download let us know! Request a character from the Shirt Happens Character Profiles Page. There are a lot more characters coming out and much bigger plans for new apps and widgets in the future! If you are a fan please click on the You Tube link at the top of the page and subscribe to our channel. Show your support by giving us a thumbs up if you like the videos.

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