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Shirt Happens Comedy: Monsters and Such – IMCA PD

These are the creatures and beings that either inhabit the mall in secret lairs or target the mall in their sinister plots. The entities here prove that there is much more to the mall than meets the eye! PRESS “i” IN TOP RIGHT CORNER FOR CHARACTER INFO AND “FS” FOR FULLSCREEN MODE!

Character Profiles - Monsters, Creatures and Such ( CLICK "FS" )

Monsters, Creatures and other such beings featured in the Shirt Happens Universe

[img src=]Meth-a Cola Bear
This bear was minding its own business in the arctic when it stumbled upon a shady scene with dead bodies and a lifetime supply of Meth-a Cola. It started just sipping on the bottles, but soon found itself hopelessly addicted to the drug-laced syrup drink. The bear know has diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
[img src=]Shirt.Droid
Shirt Droid is cybernetic organism - a learning computer. Although technically not alive Shirt Droid is programmed to simulate complex behavior patterns and respond realistically to shirts and situations it encounters. Unlike normal clothing Shirt Droid can be updated, reconfigured for different purposes and can hold unlimited amounts of data. Even though it is the most advanced and expensive piece of technology known to date in the IMCA it is still mainly used as a wi-fi hotspot and mobile phone signal booster throughout the mall. Shirt Droid will frequently answer questions regarding the location of stores or places within the mall, but is capable of processing data of a much more complex nature when its full potential is realized.
[img src=]The Honey Badger
The new Mascot of Shirt Happens University following the untimely death of Manny the Mannequin. Over time university students and administrators have realized that the Honey Badger does whatever the hell it wants including pissing on random people, biting random people and doing any drug it can get its hands on. Selfish, undisciplined and completely unapologetic for its behavior, the Honey Badger perfectly represents the party-crazy students of SHU.
[img src=]Teddy Griffin
Teddy Griffin is a cute adolescent bear dressed in fluorescent suspenders to keep it from being shot in the woods surrounding its home, Camp Dingleberry. Teddy must constantly avoid being humped by all the creatures of the forest, including the Rump Ranger himself. Teddy has multiple personalities including a British womanizer and a very ratchet urban hoody. Teddy is known for being completely unstable and is capable of going postal at any time.
[img src=]Shroomy
A gift bestowed with a pledge of responsibility under the sole condition that it not be fed anything after midnight, Shroomy was supposed to be just a cool office decoration. Instead its more sinister nature is revealed when it is left alone overnight with Chinese food nearby.
[img src=]Shroom Demon
After eating Chinese food well past midnight, the quiet, mild mannered Shroomy turns into a Shroom Demon who can chew through steel and has an insatiable appetite for anything it can wrap its jaws around.
[img src=]FREEK
FREEK is a creature from an evil dimension's Hell that visits Earth to collect souls. He uses the mall as an easy source of prey and is rarely ever detected by its inhabitants. Dr. Cosmo discovered the creature by tracing its unusual energy frequency patterns during an experiment to create dark matter.
[img src=]ANOMIKAHN
Anomikahn is the psychotic deity of system TR-666 in the Andromeda galaxy. He plans to use Dr. Cosmo's high energy physics experiments to take control of Earth. When Dr. Cosmo smashes particles together, he unleashes particles sent by Anomikahn thousands of years ago that have just reached Earth. Particles which are still under the complete control of ANOMIKAHN...

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Shirt Happens is an original animated universe. Shirt Happens comedy is based on the adventures of anthropomorphic shirts and other clothing. The clothes compete for money, power and influence in an enormous social project – the International Mall City of America (IMCA). Alliances will form. Enemy factions will go to war. Invaders will stake their claims and tons of ganja WILL be choomed! Tune in to see what Shirt is about to Happen next!!!

Shirt Happens Comedy is made using a unique animation technique. This allows us to “potato-head” different characters together and create an unlimited number of combinations. Enjoy the crazy, stereotyped characters. They are designed to play on biases in the way we interpret how other people dress. This show aims to prove the old notion that people are judged based upon their clothing alone. The characters form groups based upon their personalities, their clothing types and their religions. However they do not base their groups upon race because THEY ARE NOT HUMAN!

Shirts. Suits. Sox. Pants. Comedy!

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