-Shirt Happens Comedy Pilot "Grand Opening" Part 3


Shirt Happens Comedy Pilot Part 3

Cen and Money make strides in uncovering the Suits’ network. A brutal, greasy disturbance at the food court causes Bunntisha to become a fugitive. A line cutting A-hole is put in his place at the Kitana restaurant. Money makes a bold choice to order the famous “dog fried shrimp.”

Shirt Happens Pilot: “Grand Opening” Part 3 (Comedy)
Copyright Tylor Chacon and Rupert Follins 2012
Written and Produced by Shirt Happens Studio’s Tylor Chacon and Rupert Follins
Registered with ProtectRite and the Writer’s Guild of America

Shirts. Suits. Sox. Comedy.

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Shirt Happens is an original animated universe. Shirt Happens comedy is based on the adventures of anthropomorphic shirts and other clothing. The clothes compete for money, power and influence in an enormous social project – the International Mall City of America (IMCA). Alliances will form. Enemy factions will go to war. Invaders will stake their claims and tons of ganja WILL be choomed! Tune in to see what Shirt is about to Happen next!!!

Notable Quotes from this Episode:
“Wow, that is a crazy bitch” – Ronny
“SPLASH” – Bunntisha
“Oh yes I is” – Bunntisha
“I got mine, just make sure that ewok bitch don’t pop out” – Money

This video was made using a combination of free and paid software over the course of several weeks in spare time. Through a unique process the funny drawings and cartoons we draft are colored and cleaned up. Next they are animated into an actual game engine which allows for particle effects. We use these to make ridiculous comic blood, farts and other hilarious mechanisms. After the animation is in sync with voice recordings we record the animation using desktop recording software.

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